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Why Photography Is So Important

Photography is very important because it shows you things that you can not see in person sometimes. Photography also shows you things for different perspectives. It also shows you the meaning behind the photo.

Photography catches amazing moments. Photography is also a hobby that so many people love. The pictures that they capture is art. Photography gives you inspiration to do thing and go places you never would have thought to do or go.



Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily expresses himself with his art. He has many different types that he does. He creates modern art, abstract art, and even Der Blaue Reiter. He was influenced by painters such as Claude Monet. I love the way his art is so different and how he uses his techniques his amazing. Overall i find his art work very outgoing and interesting.

See the source image
This is one of my favorite pictures of his,

This was one of my favorites of hers it gives off a Frozen vibe I just love it. She used the snow flake to make is seem freezing in the room. She deffinitly knew what she was going for when she started. The color tones are perfect as well they fit right in with the theme.